Auxiliary Spiral.

by The WEBB

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A warm atmospheric eclectic collection of songs from goth pop duo The Webb. Trax 1,2&13 inspired by author DIE BOOTH. And track 10 inspired by American author CRYSTAL RAMOS.


released November 29, 2013

All music... and lyrics written and performed in real time by The WEBB..
The WEBB are:
Becki King...
Marc Shaw..
You Tube Videos For..
Chose Eleven.
Herald Angels.



all rights reserved


The WEBB Wirral, UK

We are a boy/girl duo quirky first-wave goth/electro-punk revivalists

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Track Name: A Thin Place
It's the energy in the effigy x2
All the chemicals in the circles x2
Find me a thin place
It's the darkness in the demon x2
All the phantoms in a dream state x2
My spirit's in your house
Track Name: Blue Silver Lydia.
She'll catch your eye, but don't smile
You can trust her for a while
Her velvet skin pulls you in
This creature Lydia
Blue silver lydia
Track Name: Moon.
I wake up and I see myself across the room
I know I've got a clone when I hear your voice
Retaining information all about myself
I've got tomorrow's clothes waiting on the shelf
This hostile atmosphere is draining all my will
I catch my shadow in the mirror standing still
I wake up and I see myself across the room
I'm in a nightmare here, I am on the moon.
Track Name: Situations.
Welcome to my world of situations
I didn't realise you were first in line
With an atmosphere of cruel torture
You can't fast forward or rewind,rewind
When the dark is calling in the distance
You'll want to leave your world behind
Now my head is getting full of pictures
Did you take any good ones of my mind,my mind
If I stand still slowly for a minute
I can see you in the corner of my eye,my eye
When the light is fading in the distance
I'll stand still with an icy smile
Now i'm liking everything about you
Throw the switch that commands that you will smile,will smile
I can see your limbs are getting heavy
And you wonder just how you'll survive,survive
When your name is called in the distance
You will be pleasantly surprised
Throw a spanner in the conversation
Throw the switch that commands that I reply,reply
If I stand still slowly for a second
I can take a picture of your mind,your mind
When the light is shining in the distance
You're glad to be alive!!
Track Name: Chose eleven.
In front of an audience
Studio confident
Playing the instruments
In a diverse collection
Appreciate difference
Looking for compliments
Downloading your songs for free
Each chord accordingly
Singing alternately
Track Name: Herald Angels.
Once in royal surroundings
The crown, the crib
All the snow deep and even
The star, the kings
Hark the herald angels
Watch them spread their wings
Oh come all ye faithless
Let the story begin
All the snow deep and even
The choir that sings
Hark the herald angels
Let them spread their wings
In the bleakness of winter
No room at the inn
All the snow deep and even
The cold , it stings
Hark the herald angels
Hear them spread their wings.
Track Name: I'm not listening.
Shut up! I said shut up!
I cant hear myself think here
Put something decent on

And when i'm calling you there's no one here to listen
There's no one there

Where do you think you come from?
You can't listen to music like that!
Blood useless, Rubbish!

But it's bloody rubbish
That's what i'm telling you, Rubbish!
It's not doing what I like
And what I like is what I like
I'm set in my ways.
Track Name: Microscopic.
It's bad enough living in her shadow
It's bad enough hearing her name
It's bad enough seeing her photo
In a highly polished frame

To me she will always be perfect
To you she is just the same
To me she will always be imprinted
On your microscopic brain.
Track Name: Smash.
Did they stun you to silence
Or cripple your nerves?
Were you left with revulsion
At every turn?
Did your head smash the window
At a pivotal point
Can't you control your feelings
When you get so annoyed

Let it all go
you know I know you know

Can you see me
Behind the curtain
Just standing....listening

Is your throat tight and heavy
And your head in a whirl
If their shoes were on your feet
Would you handle it worse?
No more room for forgiveness
You're already burnt
In this vortex of anger
Some lessons are learnt.
Track Name: Scarlett.
Dear Wendy will you ever love me,

I am standing here but you don’t see me

Watch out she’s gonna getcha

She’s written another letter x2

Dear Wendy why did you leave me

Another break up that will always haunt me

And now she’s dancing in the dark

Her friend is calling out Scarlett

What are you doing,Scarlett, You’ve gone crazy

Scarlett,Have you been drinking

Scarlett, I love you

And now she’s dancing to Be My lover

This club is better than any other

Huge bats on the ceiling

Is this love she’s feeling

Striking gothic poses

Staring at the little black roses

A waitress befriends her

Silver eyes and leather

Her lips and their syringe

Absynthe and drug fuelled binge

And now she’s dancing to Be My lover

This club is better than any other

Head spins, fast motion

She can see a green ocean

No need to be afraid

Mouth watering mermaid

And now she’s swimming in the dark

No one is calling out Scarlett Are you drowning

Scarlett what’s happening

Scarlett Are you happy

Scarlett I love you

And now she’s swimming to be my lover

This ocean’s better than any other

Watch out she’s gonna getcha, She’s written another letter

Watch out she’s gonna getcha, She’s writing another letter!!
Track Name: Runaround.
You run around here, you run around there
But you just can't find what you're looking for
When you get advice, You've heard it all before.

(So) you run around here, you run around there
And you still can't find what you're looking for
I have tried to help
But you still want more

Why are you running around?
Why can't you just settle down.
Track Name: Stage Left.
Are you ready for the soundcheck
I'll meet you by the stage door
You turn up on your motorbike
Gun hidden in a bunch of flowers

There's no applause tonight
Police tape draped round the stage
Hear the roar of your motorbike
The gun dropped by the fire escape
A chalk line where the act should be
They never heard your motorbike

Stage left, stage left
Pull the trigger in the afterglow
There are no cameras here.
Track Name: Taste The Death.
This love is like leprosy
A cold spreading disease
Our bodies are open sores
Only us behind closed doors

Smell the death on us
Taste the death on us
We're surviving on our own terms
Smell the death on us
Taste the death on us
We're drowning in our own germs

No one can touch us now
Our minds go back and forth.